The world is suffering from a shortage of peace, love and happiness, but that doesn't bother me much.
I've never held my breath waiting for the world to break spontaneously into a kumbayah love-fest. What bothers me is the appalling lack of anger in the world. You would expect anger to live forever, the cockroach of human emotion. But it's gone. It's been taken from us.
And we let it happen.
We let a bunch of crazy jerks take anger away from us. The fanatics, the bigots, the zealots, the extremists. They've completely cornered the market on anger. They fly off the handle for no good reason, while the rest of us, with all the reasons in the world, can't work up enough anger to get off the couch, yet we are ready to yell at tthe TV when we hear all the retarded shit that is espoused daily by the idiots that speak for "us".

If David Koresh can freak out because the government wants to take his guns away, shouldn't you be getting at least a little upset over the disgusting things that take place every day?
Americans spend more on pornography than they give to charity. The leading causes of death for young black men are suicide and murder. With eleventy million Americans to choose from, they decided to put Joe Biden in charge; God forbid the Libtards gain any more power. We pay disgusting amounts of tax, yet in your town there are people sleeping on the streets. Every "racist" remark conservatives say makes national news but millions of preventable deaths in Africa go unmentioned year after year. Your neighbor's dog is allowed to crap on your lawn with impunity. Fast food restaurants are destroying the rainforest to raise beef and they still can't make a decent fucking hamburger.
You should be furious.

But Average Joe bumbles around in an oblivious little cocoon of unquestioned existence. He would have to redouble his efforts just to be considered apathetic.

Indifference. Goddamned shiteating indifference.